To Blog or Not to Blog?

I believe the hardest thing about starting any kind of writing piece is knowing where to begin.  When I write creative stories, I always try to make my first line something that will most definitely catch the reader’s eye.  That might not sound difficult to some people, but I have an easier time plotting an entire fantasy series than I do with beginnings, especially with something like this.

Do I introduce myself?  That’s hardly a catchy opening, considering I am not a celebrity, famous blogger, or person of any importance, really.  I am just your average thirty-something year old woman living in New York.  Also, I practically seethe at the mere thought of blogging.

Yet, here I am, to my own chagrin, writing my very own, my very first, blog post.

I considered not including a blog on my website.  I mean, what is there left to blog about?  There are hundreds of thousands of blogs on practically everything – and I mean everything.  To boot, as new author with edits to complete, writing/plotting books two through four of the series plus a spin-off, where in the world would I have time to keep up with a blog?  And did I mention I am a mom (with a full-time job)?  Tiny overlord does not take well to time spent on my computer in his presence. 

Alas, I am yielding to the art of blogging.  But how is this blog going to be different from others you have read?  I am not entirely sure.  Remember, I am a newbie at this.  But I do know there is one thing I do not want to do.  I read a lot of blog articles where I constantly feel like I am being preached to.  How to be a better wife, a better husband, a better friend, a better parent.  How to be more spiritually inclined, or how to follow my life’s passion.  I am not entirely sure how all these people became experts on these topics, but after reading my final “how to” article, I thought to myself, enough.

Enough with the constant striving to live up other people’s expectations of what they believe constitutes a good marriage, a good friendship and awesome spirituality.  I truly believe people are doing their best and most of us are doing a damn good job of being wives, husbands, friends, mothers, fathers, etc., without having to be preached to about what can make us better.  That is not what I want this blog to convey: how to be “better.” 

What can you expect?  Well, definitely books.  Lots and lots and lots of books.  When I read a good book, I have an irrational urge to let everyone with a pulse know how good it was, and how it affected me internally.  Yet, I won’t do a review on a book I did not enjoy, as I do not feel comfortable throwing an author under the bus for a book I personally did not like.  Because reading books, like many things in this world, I feel is subjective.  The book that I could not put down might be the one someone else decides to DNF.  (That’s DID NOT FINISH for those unfamiliar – grammatically questionable in that sentence, but hey, I like it).  And there have been plenty of times where a NYT bestseller that is hyped up for what feels like centuries turns out to be a hell of a let down for me.  In this business, all that glitters is definitely not gold.

Sometimes, I may post about my writing process.  I found that as a new and aspiring author, I was constantly second guessing myself and wondering if certain aspects of my writing/editing processes were normal, or if I was just so inexperienced that whatever I was doing was absurd.  Fortunately, not long ago I went to Holly Black’s book signing for The Wicked King (I seriously urge you to read this book, by the way, and its predecessor, The Cruel Prince), and during her talk on her own writing process, I found myself saying things like “Yes!  I felt the same way!” or “I thought the same thing!”  If I had only gone to see her (or any other author for that matter) prior to writing/editing my very first manuscript, I would have saved myself a lot of self-doubt and anxiety. 

And then there will be in-betweens, the posts that may just be me needing to let something go, or something that inspired me.

So, if you have been reading thus far, thank you.  And if I lost you somewhere along the way, -I’m sorry.  Like I said, reading is subjective, so no harm, no foul.  But for those of you that have stuck around to this ending, I hope you enjoyed this small glimpse into the life of Nicole Rubino: mother, author and reluctant blogger.

2 thoughts on “To Blog or Not to Blog?

  1. Chelsea Ballard says:

    It’s crazy how just talking to invisible authors on the internet helps calm the insane anxiety about writing and publishing! Great start, Nicole!

    Liked by 1 person

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