Can I get an advanced copy of Something Wicked to review?
First of all, thank you so much for being interested! You cannot imagine how much I appreciate it. I cannot personally send you one, but Something Wicked is available on NetGalley for review!*

Unfortunately, physical ARCs are not available at this time.

*I am also not responsible for accepting requests on NetGalley. That responsibility belongs to Xpresso Tours.

What kind of research did you do to write Something Wicked?
I LOVE answering this question, but I am asked this often enough, so I decided to put it in with the FAQs. First and foremost, I visited Salem three times (it’s a three and half hour drive from where I live in New York, so that’s not a difficult feat). Aside from taking a zillion pictures and doing every possible tour Salem has to offer, I spoke with residents of the Town every chance I could manage. I wanted to get as much an authentic feel of its residents and atmosphere I possibly could. Most places in Something Wicked are real tours/shops you can actually visit: Hex, The Salem Witch Museum, and O’Neill’s Bar, just to name a few! Alas, Sullivan’s Bookshop is not real.

For Salem’s history on the witch trials, I read countless psychological, socio-economic, and historical articles on the cause and history regarding the trials. Explanations included everything from “bored little girls” to a fungus that grew on the crops and caused fits of psychosis in the villagers.

Now, on the subject of witchcraft, I did ALOT of research, but I did not want to conform to social stereotypes of witchcraft or lock my witches into a particular kind of spirituality (Paganism, Wicca, etc). Instead, I went with the elements of witchcraft that I resonated with most and the ones I felt conveyed my feelings on witchcraft: it is not a religion, but instead, a source of empowerment; a way to harness and embody the power within yourself.

A fun side note: All of the witch hunters in the novel are descendants of real-life witch hunters: Joseph and Trystan are descendants of Pierre de Lancre; Grace is a descendant of Matthew Hopkins (as she LOVES to remind us); Jacob is a descendant of Johann von Schonenberg; Robert and John de Salazar – Alonso de Salazar Frias; and Lilian Binsfield – Peter Binsfield.

Are you a witch?
Depends on who you ask 😉